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  1. Mechanical properties of 4140 steel - EVOCD

    Figure 10: 4140 chromium-molybdenum alloy steel bar, true compressive stress-strain curve. Specimens taken from hot-worked 57.15 mm (2.25 in.) diam bar, test specimen 20 mm x 40 mm long, normalized and annealed. After compression of about 40%, specimens remachined to 14 mm diam x 21 mm long.

  2. SAE AISI 4140 Steel Properties, Material Heat Treatment ...

    SAE 4140 (AISI 4140 steel) is a Cr-Mo series (Chrome molybdenum series) low alloy steel, this material has high strength and hardenability, good toughness, small deformation during quenching, high creep strength and long-lasting strength at high temperature.

  3. AISI 4140 Chrome-Molybdenum High Tensile Steel

    Introduction. The AISI 4140 cold finished annealed chromium-molybdenun alloy steel can be heated using various methods to yield a wide range of properties, hence it is often used as stock for forging as it has self-scaling properties. AISI 4140 is capable of resisting creep in temperatures up to 538C4140 steel yield strength

  4. 1045 vs 4140 Steel Comparison | Capital Steel & Wire

    4140 steel is chromium, molybdenum, manganese steel with good toughness, impact resistance and fatigue strength. 1045 has slightly increased tensile strength and yield strength numbers than 1045 as a result of a slightly higher carbon content. Also, as a result of higher carbon content, 1045 is not as easy to weld as 4140.

  5. Kromite #3 | HT 4140 Steel | Associated Steel Corporation

    High Strength Steels Kromite #3 4140/4150 (modified) Hot Roll, Heat Treated, High Strength Alloy. Kromite #3 is a modified 4140/4150 steel. Typical hardness is Rockwell C 28/34. This chromium and molybdenum based alloy is electric furnace melt, vacuum degassed, stress relieved, and machine straightened.

  6. 4140 HIGH TENSILE STEEL - interlloy.com.au

    4140 high tensile steel 4140 is a 1% chromium - molybdenum medium hardenability general purpose high tensile steel - generally supplied hardened and tempered in the tensile range of 850 - 1000 Mpa (condition T).4140 is now available with improved

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