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  1. Learn about ASTM A53 Grade A & Garde B Pipe Types and ...

    ASTM A53 is one of the widely used standard specification for Steel Pipe that used in the Oil and Gas as well as other process industries also. ASTM A 53 Grade B is more popular than other grades. These pipes can be bare pipes without any coating, or it may be Hot-Dipped or Zinc-Coated and manufactured by Welding or by a Seamless manufacturing process.

  2. ASTM A53 Grade B Pipe Specifications - Enpro Pipe

    ASTM A53 is the standard specification for the carbon steel pipe in seamless, welded, and zinc-coated galvanized pipes. Covers the dimensions ranges from OD 10.3 mm (1/8 inch) to 660 mm (26 inch). Enpro supply ASTM A53 Grade A and B Steel Pipe with below conditions:

  3. Dimensions & Weights of Pipes ASTM A53 - Piping

    Dimensions & Weights of Pipes ASTM A53. For pipe smaller than NPS 2 with a specified wall thickness less than the lightest specified wall thickness listed in this table for the applicable specified outside diameter and grade. For all sizes of Grade A and B pipe smaller than NPS 2, the test pressures were assigned arbitrarily.

  4. Astm A53 Pipe Specifications Ferropipe

    ASTM A53 Grade B has higher tensile and yield strength than ASTM A53 Grade A. It is manufactured to higher carbon content steel. Grade A, being a softer steel, is easier to bend and is recommended for use in close coiling and cold bending. Grade B has higher stress values and is better suited for machining operations.

  5. Standard Pipe A53 CW and ERW - Industrial Piping Systems

    Dimensions and Weight Chart - ASTM A53 Type F Standard Pipe Schedule 40 - ASTM A53 Grades A and B BLACK PLAIN END Nominal OD Sch. 40 Sch. 80 Size Inches WalI Inches Weight Lb./Ft. Wall Inches Weight Lb./Ft. 1/2" 0.84 0.109 0.85 0.147 1.09 3/4" 1.05 0.113 1.13 0.154 1.48 1" 1.315 0.133 1.68 0.179 2.17 1-1/4" 1.66 0.14 2.27 0.191 3

  6. A53 Pipe | Hayward Pipe & Supply Co, Inc

    HPS A53 Pipe Submittal ASTM A53 Black & Galvanized Pipe 1/8 26 Black Lacquer Coat; Galvanizing: The average weight of zinc coating shall be not less than 1.8 oz. per sq. ft. of surface (inside and outside) and not less than 1.6 oz. per sq ft.

  7. Differences between ASTM A53 B and ASTM A106 B Steel Pipe

    A53 Type S, Seamless steel pipe, in Grade A and Grade B. If raw steel material of different grades in process of continuously casting, the transition material result shall be identified. And the manufacturer should remove the transition material with the processes that could separate the grades positively.

  8. Steel Pipe Sizes , Weight, and General Data Specifications ...

    Pipe Types and Grades: ASTM A120: ASTM A53 Grade A, B, F: ASTM A 106 Grade A, B, C: ASTM A252 Grade 2, Grade 3: ASTM A501: API 5L B X-42, X-52, X-60, X-65, X-70 : Contact Us

  9. ASTM/ASME A53/SA53 Seamless and Welded Standard Steel Pipe

    Permissible Variations for A53 steel pipe. Wall thickness: The minimum wall thickness at any point shall not be more than 12.5% under the nominal wall thickness specified. Weights per foot are plus or minus 10%; Outside diameter: Outside diameter at any point shall not vary from standard specified more than:

  10. ASTM A53 Grade B Pipe suppliers - reliablepipestubes.com

    Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd is only Supplier in India who maintains ASTM A53 Grade B Carbon Steel Pipes in all Schedule like Schedule 10 ASTM A53 Carbon Steel Grade B Tubes, Schedule 20 A 53 Grade B IBR Pipes and Tubes, Schedule 40 Carbon Steel Seamless Pressure Pipes and Tubes, SCH 80 Carbon Steel ASTM A53 Gr B Pipes and Tubes.

  11. ASTM A53 Pipe, A53 Grade B Seamless & Welded Pipe Supplier

    Maximum working pressure of ASTM A53 Grade B Pipe at temperature 400F. The dimensions - outside pipe diameters and wall thicknesses are according ANSI B36.10.

  12. Astm A53 Grade B Carbon Steel ERW Pipe Specifications ...

    The weld joint of electric-resistance bonded pipe in Grade B shall be warmth dealt with after welding. 7. ATTRIBUTES. Developed for curling, flexing and flanging, A53 carbon steel pipe appropriates for welding. The qualities denote particular chemical and mechanical residential or commercial properties and ought to be kept in mind in option.

  13. Wheatland ASTM A 53 Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 Pipe

    Wheatland ASTM A 53 Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 Pipe Wheatland Steel Pipe is made by specialists who understand that its the small details that make the difference between average products and superior products. At the Wheatland Plant, most department heads and foremen have been employed in some phase of pipe manufacturing for 25 or more years.

  14. ASTM A53 Grade B Steel Pipe in High Quality and Fast Delivery

    ASTM A53 standard specification including hot dipped galvanized (zinc coated) requirements for ASTM A53 Grade B pipe. Moreover, there are pipe internal and external galvanization. By the hot dip procedures, zinc thickness of any grade shall be complied to specification B 6.

  15. ASTM A53 Grade A, B Seamless and Welded Steel Pipe

    ASTM A53 Grade A, B Seamless and Welded Steel Pipes Manufacturers. Metallica offers high quality of ASME SA53, ASTM A53 Grade A, B seamless and welded black and hot-dipped, zinc-coated steel pipes to customers across the globe and in India.

  16. ASTM A53 Grade B Erw Pipe - oilandgaspipingmaterials.com

    Buy ASTM A53 Grade B ERW Pipe from trusted stockist & exporter of A53 Gr B Pipes at best price. Available in A53 Grade B seamless pipe & welded pipe forms. Supplier of A53 Gr B ERW Pipe, Carbon Steel A53 GR.B Hexagonal Pipes. For Price list contact us

  17. ASTM A53 Grade B Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes Ferropipe

    ASTM A53 Grade B Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes are Medium Carbon Steel Pipes with 0.3 % carbon content with combination of 1.2 % manganese. These Pipes are most commonly used for general purpose applications worldwide. ASTM A53 Grade B Pipes are ductile and strong Pipes with long wearing properties. These Pipes are manufactured as per ASTM Specification and commercially referred as carbon steel a53 grade b pipe weight


    ASTM A53 pipe is sized according to the nominal pipe size (NPS) system. It is commonly available with national pipe thread ends or with plain cut ends. The steel for both seamless and welded pipe are derived from one or more of the following processes: open-hearth, electric furnace, or basic-oxygen.

  19. ASTM a53 pipe suppliers | pipe astm a53 grade b supplier ...

    What is ASTM A53 Grade B Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe? We have a large scale unit engaged in stocking and exporting a53 grade a, a53 grade b, a53 gr a, a53 gr b, a53 erw pipe, a53 seamless pipe. We supply for engineering purpose, ERW pipes for water, gas & sewerage, carbon steel tubes for idlers of belt conveyors, water wells and lancing pipes for various automotive & industrial applications.

  20. Standard Specification for Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot ...

    A53 / A53M-18 Standard Specification for Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot-Dipped, Zinc-Coated, Welded and Seamless hot-dip galvanizing~ seamless steel pipes~ electric resistance-welded steel pipes~ furnace butt-welded steel pipes~ black steel pipes~ zinc-coated steel pipes~ a53 grade b pipe weight Grade A is the preferred grade; however, this is not intended to prohibit a53 grade b pipe weight

  21. www.utppipe.com

    ASTM A53 GR-B SCHEDULE- 40 FOR BLACK AND HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED STEEL PIPES c) On Weight a) 1 1/2" and below size - b) 2' and over size - 2" and above The weight of the pipe shall not more than 10 % of the specified weight. End finish shall be at the option of manufacturer which is nominally square cut with the axis of tube and free from excessive

  22. Structural Pipe Dimensions (Standard, x-Strong, xx-Strong)

    Steel pipe wall thickness determines the pipe category. Steel pipes are manufactured to meet ASTM A53 grade B (Fy = 35 ksi) and proper designations are Std., x-strong or xx-strong. Pipes up to and including NPS 12 are designated by the term "Pipe", nominal diameter (in.) and weight class (std., x-strong and xx-strong).

  23. ASTM A53 B Carbon Steel Pipes - Allowable Pressure

    Maximum allowable pressure is calculated with the Barlow's formula for A53 Grade B Seamless and Welded Standard Steel Pipe with Yield Strength 35000 psi and design factor 0.7.. Allowable stress used in the Barlow's formula is calculated as (35000 psi) 0.7 = 24500 psi Note! - in codes like ASME B31.3 modified versions of the Barlow's formula - like the Boardman formula and the Lame formula a53 grade b pipe weight

  24. A53 Carbon Steel Black Steel Tube Specifications & A53 ...

    Type S Pipe - Seamless, Grades A and B; ASTM A53 VS A153 steel. ASTM A53 pipe covers Welded and also smooth, Black and also Hot-Dipped Galvanized nominal (average) wall surface pipeline for curling, bending, flanging and also other unique objectives and appropriates for welding. Continuous-Welded pipeline is not intended for flanging.

  25. sch 40 pipe -{sch 40 pipe dimensions}(weight & wall ...

    Neelcon steel is suppliers of stainless steel 304 pipe, ss 316 pipe, Get latest price list of Carbon steel A53 Pipe, ASTM A671 Pipe free sample. We offer A106 ERW Pipe and A333 Grade 6 Seamless Pipe at best price in india.

  26. ASTM A53/ ASME SA-53 Type E, Grade B Pipe

    A53/ASME SA-53), the kind of pipe (E for electric-resistance welded, B for Grade B), the size (S40 for standard), length, heat number and Galvanized lot number and date. Bar coding is acceptable as a supplementary identification number.

  27. ASTM A106 Grade B Pipe - oilandgaspipingmaterials.com

    ASTM A106 Grade B Pipe Suppliers is a Standard Specification for Carbon Steel A106 Gr B ERW Pipe for High-Temperature Service. ASTM A106 pipe is constantly delivered by the consistent technique and can be bowed, curled and flanged. In sizes under 2" is it typically delivered as a virus drawn item. 2" and up are normally hot wrapped up.

  28. Dimensions & Weights of Pipes ASTM A53

    Dimensions & Weights of Pipes ASTM A53 (NPS 2 3.1/2) NPS: Specified Outside Diameter in (mm) Specified Wall Thickness in (mm) Nominal Weight (Mass) per Unit Length a53 grade b pipe weight less than the lightest specified wall thickness listed in this table for the applicable specified outside diameter and grade. For all sizes of Grade A and B pipe smaller than a53 grade b pipe weight


    Requirements Grade A Grade B Grade C Tensile Strength min., psi 48,000 60,000 70,000 Yield Point min., psi 30,000 35,000 40,000 Hydrostatic Inspection test pressures produce a stress in the pipe wall equal to Testing 60% of minimum specified Yield Point at room temperature. Maximum Pressures are not to exceed 2500 psi for sizes 3" and under, and

  30. Standard Steel Pipe - Wheatland Tube

    the grade of pipe (ASTM A53), the kind of pipe (E for Electric Resistance Welded, B for Grade B), the size (XS for extra strong), and length. Stencil markings on standard Schedule 40 pipe indicate UL Listing for 26 NPS and FM Approval for 28 NPS for use in fire sprinkler pipe applications.

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