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  1. Buy Stainless Sheet 316 Online -

    Buy stainless-sheet-316 and other metal-working products online at

  2. Buy Stainless Steel Angle 316 Online -

    Stainless Steel Angle 316 has high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, including in marine or extremely corrosive environments. It is stronger, though less malleable and machinable than Stainless Angle 304, 316 maintains its properties in cryogenic or high temperatures.It is typically used in oil and petroleum equipment, aerospace, food processing, pulp and paper processing equipment buy stainless steel 316

  3. Metals Depot - Stainless Sheet Type 316 | Shop Online!

    316/316L Stainless Steel Sheet, is a popular grade of stainless where superior corrosion resistance is of primary importance. 316 Stainless sheet is widely used in marine and highly acidic environments, underwater equipment, surgical tools, food and pharmaceutical applications.The addition of molybdenum increases the corrosion resistance of 316 Stainless over the more economical 304 grade.

  4. Stainless Steel Round Bar 316\316L 0.5 (A) (Click & Buy)

    Please enter a valid decimal number between 1.000 and 72.000 inches. Examples: 1 , 7 , 20 , 25.3 , 32.75 , 35.625 ALL CUSTOM SIZE ORDERS ARE SUBJECT TO FINAL CONFIRMATION PRIOR TO SHIPMENT

  5. Buy 316 Stainless Steel Tubing | 304 & 316L Alloys ...

    304 & 316 Stainless Steel Tubing for sanitary process lines. Polished stainless steel welded tube is manufactured in accordance with ASTM A270. Our tubing is made from cold rolled stainless steel strip whose chemical elements are specially controlled to enhance weldability.

  6. 316 / 316L Commercial Stainless Tubing -

    316 / 316L stainless commercial tubing with molybdenum improves the alloys corrosion resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments. Request a quote!

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